A Crafty Handmade Holiday November 30 2010, 12 Comments

This post is part of the series A Crafty Holiday put together by Angela of the Artists House where bloggers have been posting about what and why they are doing for a handmade holiday.  You can see a great post from yesterday by Gina Hief and tomorrow visit Three Ravens for more.

Now here's my story....
I can no longer sit on my sofa.  It’s not that I don’t want to, I am no longer allowed to - my son has turned it into a freeway inhabited by his fleet of cars and trucks.  I don’t think I have actually purchased a single matchbox car or tonka truck, even though we have over 30.  I am grateful for the gifts but coming downstairs every morning to a house full of STUFF makes me feel claustraphobic.  So this year the only things I am bringing into my life are the things that bring me joy.  What can make me smile when I step on it the morning?  A handmade toy - something made with love and attention to detail that is lacking in mass produced items.
Here are a few things I would love to get for the little guy in my life:
1. Baby Deck Chair by Board Games
2. Toy Boats by Friendly Faries
3. Shinkansen Bullet Train Shirt by Namu
4. Robot Blocks Toy Set by Woodmouse

When I buy handmade I know that I am supporting someone who loves what they do.  Somehow when my house is littered with handmade toys I do not feel claustrophobic, instead I feel like my life is filled with cheerful clutter. I smile when I pick up my sons handmade wooden boats and place them back by the bathtub.  I enjoy dusting off the artwork I have accumulated through the years.  I relish washing the ceramic mugs my hubby and I drink out of every morning - we each have our favorite handmade one (well maybe relish is a bit strong, but you catch my drift).  

And for my bigger guy some fun things:
1. Computer Terminal Retro 80s Fridge Magnet by Moddy Boy 80
2. Bear Cup by Mie Kongo
3. Repurposed wooden clock portable amp/ipod speaker by Rdallum
4. Dewey the Itty Bitty Robot Embroidery by Naomi Cayne
I will also admit that buying handmade is a little bit of a selfish act – because I know that no one else is going to be giving my gift.  I am going to stand out as the thoughtful gifter who sought out that amazingly unique item for someone I loved.  So I hope you all have a wonderful handmade holiday - what would you like to find in your stocking?

ps.  Santa, if you are reading this - here are a few hints for me - I've been a very good girl this year!