DIY Advent Calendar, our favorite holiday tradition December 01 2016, 0 Comments

DIY Advent Calendar by Baby Jives Co

What's your favorite holiday tradition? Making the advent is mine. Every year I craft one with a little help from my kids and we've done things as simple as numbered envelopes in a basket but this year we got a little fancier and it might be favorite yet.

This year I decided to use our Babyletto tree bookcase for our advent and this tutorial as the inspiration for my sewn stars and ornaments filled with little treats or notes telling them fun projects  they get to do like baking cookies or decorating cards for friends and family. Then we finished it off with this cloud on top and these ornaments. Now the count is on and I just need to keep these two from opening more than one a day...

Looking for more advent inspiration? I also love this simple idea focusing on kindness and this one you can easily do with your kids. You can find more inspiration and projects for the holidays here. Wishing you a merry one!